Gain the Benefits From of the Power of a Group!!

This group beta program is an 8 week program where the group will meet with me in real time each week. It is not prerecorded videos that you watch. The sessions will be recorded in real time in case you want to review them or if you have to miss one.

Topics will include learning about how the mind works, how to create a mindfulness practice, how to use tools and techniques to gain awareness of your mental blocks and then create positive change to build confidence and joy, understanding feel and connection with your horse and how to develop it and how to create a roadmap for continuing growth.

 I am offering the program at a one time,  discounted rate of $297. As a beta program I will be asking you for feedback during the program and after so I can improve it for the main launch on my website and social media in spring of 2021.  

The power of a group is the support from the group, the feedback and the accountability it provides. That is what is so empowering and what creates real and long lasting results.

You will also get a program that can morph with the group needs yet stay on track offering planned training and support. Not only will you have support from the group on a private FB page, you will have support from the group and me in the weekly sessions. Being in a group like this holds you accountable to your plans and desired changes. 

A group designed this way creates a tribe of people who will connect and stay connected well after the program is done. You will have support from each other going forward and know people you can reach out to when you need a supportive ear.

The first session will start on Tuesday January 19th at 6:30 pm and will run for 90 minutes. The following sessions will be 60-90 minutes long on each Tuesday at 6:30 pm. The last session will be March 9th. Four 90 minutes sessions will include a training and group discussions. Two 60 minute sessions will be for an open Q&A for members to get support and feedback on specific needs. The final session will be 60 minutes including a review, planning for the future, Q&A, feedback and support.

With the group program you will also receive my course: 

Shifting Your Perspective for a More Positive, Confident, Competitive and Joyful Ride.

 Value of $47. This mini course will be the foundation for the group program.

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You by!

This is a one time significantly reduced price offering. The group will be no bigger than 10 people, so it should fill up quickly. Hope you can join us! Click here to register today! Don’t miss your chance to save your spot now!