Mindset Is The Missing Ingredient to Building Confidence, Success and Joy

Are you a rider who works hard to  achieve the success you desire but you know that you need to improve your skills developing your mental game? You realize that finding the right mindset is a large part of a rider’s top performance and success.  You are ready to develop the tools and techniques that can help you grow your confidence, decrease your stress and anxiety, bring more joy back to your riding as well as increase your performance.

You are in the right place!

I love being able to help improve these skills because it will lead to more mindful, confident and happy riders. That is a big win for everyone! Now I will be able to reach more riders and grow this mindful approach to riding and life!

During my 40 years of experience in equestrian teaching and training, learning life lessons, mindfulness training and 7 years as a certified professional coach I have developed a unique coaching approach combining my technical equestrian teaching skills with my coaching training and life experience. Through my experience I have realized that one very important component in teaching riders is often missing. That missing link is improving the mental game. Develop an understanding of mindset and how mindset training, combined with physical training, helps develop more confident, successful and joyful riders. 

Learn how to grow more confidence, connection and feel with your horse and most importantly bring joy back to your riding!!

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What You Will Get

  • Welcome video and six modules of video lessons

  • 6 slide deck PDF's from each lesson

  • 6 modules of readings

  • Series of worksheets to journal and track your progress

  • Private Facebook group with support from Lisa

  • Unlimited email support

Brooke Torruella

By signing up with the program, I was hoping to become more present and aware with my riding and with my horse. I was hopeful to work on not being such a perfectionist and accepting where we were at, in peace. I feel I have gained a better acceptance for being where I am at with my horse. I don't feel that intense stress or pressure to be perfect and honestly, I am able to enjoy my time at the barn and riding so much more. I also loved your guidance and teachings about becoming more aware and present in life and in my riding! I was able to apply many of Lisa's teachings about riding and mindfulness to my day to day and what a big help! I honestly feel like this work could benefit anyone who is struggling at enjoying their time with their horse, whether that be due to anxiety, show pressure or anything in between. Lisa's teachings go so much further than ones relationship with the horse and helps us humans turn in to ourselves to find the solution to most all of our 'issues'.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Welcome!

    • Private Facebook Group Link

    • Standards of Presence

    • Resources Sheet

  • 2

    Module 1: Introduction to Mindful Awareness

    • Module 1 Video

    • Week One Slide Deck

    • Awareness Reading 1.docx

    • Awareness Worksheet

    • Seven Steps to Mindful Riding Ebook

  • 3

    Module 2: Developing Your Awareness and Mindful Practice and Understanding Limiting Beliefs

    • Module 2 Video

    • Week Two Slide Deck

    • Awareness Reading 2

    • Awareness Two Worksheet

    • Awareness Reading 3

    • Awareness 3 Worksheet

    • Stoics and Happiness Article

    • Happiness and Stoics Worksheet

    • Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

  • 4

    Module 3: Understanding a Perspective Shift and Mindful Riding Tips

    • Module 3 Video

    • Week Three Slide Deck

    • Shifting Perspective Reading One

    • Shifting Perspective Worksheet One

    • Week Three: Some Mindful Riding Tips

  • 5

    Module 4: Creating a Perspective Shift from Disempowering to Empowering

    • Module 4 Video

    • Week Four Slide Deck

    • Shifting Perspective Reading Two

    • Shifting Perspective Two Worksheet

    • Take Time to Review and Reflect

  • 6

    Module 5: Putting Your Learning into Action and Creating a Plan

    • Module 5 Video

    • Week Five Slide Deck

    • Taking Action and Creating a Plan

    • Action and Plan Worksheet

  • 7

    Module 6: Understanding and Managing Anxiety, Additionals Tips, Show Day Tips

    • Module 6 Video

    • Week Six Slide Deck

    • Understanding and Managing Anxiety: Riding Application

    • Further Tips

    • Tips for the Show Day

Why Wait Any Longer?

Add these skills to your toolkit to help you build confidence and joy in your riding!

Course Content

Listed below are the subjects that will be covered.

  • Strategies and tips to improve mindset and focus.

  • Learning about building awareness and mindfulness techniques and practices.

  • Discovering limiting beliefs and behaviors.

  • How to apply mindfulness and mindset strategies to riding.

  • Understanding habit loops and creating new desired habits.

  • Working with and managing anxiety.

  • Learn to shift from disempowering to empowering perspectives.

  • Creating a plan and get into action.

  • Strategies for shows and events.

Renee P

My main problem is self-confidence. The feeling that I can always do better, and need to make things perfect. Also, I have anxiety when riding my leased horse in the winter/spring, when he is more “exuberant”, versus during the summer/fall when he is an angel (for the most part). I began to focus on the good or positive things and not zero in on the negative. Learned to take a deep breath and slow everything down, in order to change negative outcomes, or make them less negative (if that makes sense) 😊. My riding has become much better, and my outlook in general. There are times I find myself using some of your techniques on others that are having a negative/depressed moment. (Think about the good things, etc.) This program would work for all types of people. It’s interesting to see how others work through their struggles each in their own way. We may all have a similar struggle, but we work through it in a different way, and that’s ok.

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Lexi Pellerin

Platinum Stables-Ballston Lake, NY

I met Lisa in a clinic I participated in at Platinum Stables, a stable I ride at. I read up on information about Lisa, and knew immediately that I wanted to be apart of the clinic. I am very glad I did. For about a year now, I have been struggling a lot of fears for riding a horse, especially jumping. I had a rough fall two winters ago and ever since have been scared to jump a horse. Lisa helped me understand that I can’t fight my fear, that I have to befriend it. That I have to accept that it is there, and understand that my fears are real. My confidence level has since increased, because I grew to understand that my fears are legitimate and that they’re just something that I can’t keep pushing away. I have to work with them, and continue to work harder. Thank you very much Lisa for coming and teaching many students at Platinum Stables many different lessons. I hope to see you soon!

Ann Davis Lowe

Sweet Release Equestrian Center-Bergen, NY

I remember telling Lisa that I thought I was doing pretty well for an old lady beginner. Her comment was keep your cup half full. Her comment really perplexed me as I thought I was being positive about my progress. It finally dawned on me that my comment was passive aggressive cup half empty. This was a turning point. No need to compare myself to others. I needed to stop making excuses about my (lack of) riding skills. I now focus more on what is getting better and on what I am actually learning. When something doesn’t go right I use it to learn from instead of put myself down. This results in less stress (mentally and physically) and a lot more fun as I learn to ride AND in everyday life. Concrete results- I see the progress in myself and my horse and continue to have a blast! On the days when things aren’t going well, or there is a frustration, feelings of doubt, I remind myself, “cup half full” which keeps me from falling into a funk of hopelessness and/or failure. I am more relaxed, less self-conscious, laugh more and am a much happier rider person. Thanks Lisa!