Let Go of Unneccessary Struggle

Doesn’t life bring us enough real struggles without us adding more imaginary struggles to further weigh us down? Imagine living a life liberated from the attachment to these limiting beliefs and struggles. What would your riding journey look like then?

Our struggles come out of beliefs like I need to be perfect, I must control everything, my value is determined by what others think of me, I am unable to do what I desire because I got scared or discouraged in some way the last time I tried, I am not worthy of success or it’s foolish of me to think big and out of the box.  

These beliefs are not real, but they are limiting. They are messages we have heard throughout our lives that have become automated in our brains, as if they are true. They then become well established to create deep rooted belief systems. These beliefs limit our riding success and our lives.

Aren’t you worthy of the success and joy you will experience if you are liberated from these self-imposed limiting beliefs? Wouldn’t you like to create a new vision and plan for your success and let go of the needless struggle? 

This course will help you get started! You will learn how to become more aware of your limiting beliefs and develop strategies to shift your perspective to a more empowering and positive mindset. 

This mindset will help you find confidence and

 joy in your riding and your life!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro and Welcome

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Module 1 Awareness

    • Lesson 1 Video: Awareness

    • Lesson 1 Reading : Awareness

    • Lesson 1 Worksheet: Awareness

  • 3

    Module 2 Creating Awareness

    • Lesson 2 Video: Creating Awareness

    • Lesson 2 Reading: Creating Awareness

    • Lesson 2 Worksheet: Creating Awareness

  • 4

    Module 3 Awareness in Action

    • Lesson 3 Video: Awareness in Action

    • Lesson 3 Reading: Awareness in Action

    • Lesson 3 Worksheet: Awareness in Action

  • 5

    Module 4 Shifting Perspective

    • Lesson 4 Video: Shifting Perspective

    • Lesson 4 Reading: Shifting Perspective

    • Lesson 4 Worksheet: Shifting Perspective

  • 6

    Module 5 You Can Make the Shift

    • Lesson 5 Video: Shifting Perspective: You Can Make the Shift

    • Lesson 5 Reading: Shifting Your Perspective - You Can Make the Shift

    • Lesson 5 Worksheet: Shifting Your Perspective: You Can Make the Shift

  • 7

    Module 6 The Brains Negative Reaction: Responding vs Reacting

    • Lesson 6 Video: The Brains Negative Reaction: Responding vs Reacting

    • Lesson 6 Reading: The Brains Negative Reaction: Responding vs Reacting

    • Lesson 6 Worksheet: The Brains Negative Reaction: Responding vs Reacting

Bring Joy Back to Your Riding!

Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and build confidence, connection and feel.


Lisa has a wonderful way of keeping my focus on the moment which my horse and I are in, and feeding that moment with all the right fuel. In the event I become stuck on a task in my riding, rather than instructing until the correct change happens, she has helped me, as the rider dig deeper into initially the insight of the problem and then the approach for the desired change. Her focus on mindfulness I feel is such a genius approach to help riders, like myself, look inward to my actions and reflect on how they are affecting my ride.